Diego Green

Diego Green

Diego Green is a wordsmith, wanderer, and unlicensed ghoul slayer. They are a writer of fiction, first and foremost. When they were in high school, they had a creative writing teacher who went around the room, telling each of them students what category their writing styles best fit into. They were pegged as a horror writer. They shrugged it off, said it was a phase. It has been many years since then and the phase is still going strong. Always, though, they strive for literary fiction even if it happens to fall into a genre. Aside from the aforementioned horror (they have been working on their zombie apocalypse opus for over a decade now), they also enjoy writing space operas and stories built around character rather than plot. Sometimes they write poetry though it’s not very good. Aside from all the word stuff, they love trains. Love watching them, love riding them. They think for them, at least part of it is the romance of the journey – someday they would love to travel the U.S. and the world by train. And if they fail to cut it in the world of literature (and even if they make it, really), they would eagerly turn to a career on the rails. Seriously, don’t question their love for trains.

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