Doctor Alex

Doctor Alex

Doctor Alex is Alex Leithes. They are sometimes known as Dr Alex. Well, this channel is no longer just full of random bits of fluff. It has the “Doctor Reads…” series – both the original published DW stories and now “Seasoned 12.” “Seasoned 13” is planned to follow… Other videos/series projects include The Marvelous Musical Marlin Museum – various bits of Marlin equipment (guitars, amps etc.) overviews and demos The Marvelous Musical Mayhem of The Frankenorgan – a kind of organ Turducken; a Vermona stuffed into a gutted Hammond 8022KM topped with a Yamaha Clavinova 810S. Inspired by a dyslexic friend and fellow YouTuber and Patreon, the Anti-trekker (Michael J. Crawford), The Doctor Reads The Doctor By The Doctor will do spoken word versions of my published stories. Top Fencing Based Films.

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