Doctor Geof

Doctor Geof

Doctor Geof is an artist, humourist, comics creator, tea-obsessive, goblin wrangler and actual doctor who is always anti-fascist #blacklivesmatter. They have been producing mad, ridiculous art, trading at shows, exhibiting at museums and writing and publishing comics for almost 15 years. Their flagship comic was Fetishman, a joy-filled tale of a superhero in a restrictive rubber suit who’s rubbish at fighting crime (they just fall over a lot). Since then they have created comics about particle physics, bees, cats and their tanks (a colouring book), created embroidered patches, art, pewter pins, portraits, a fake tea-related museum, instigated a thing called tea duelling, and even won awards for their Steampunk Literary Review, the misleadingly-titled collection of their steampunk comics and art.

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