Doe and Deer Crochet

Doe and Deer artist, Jackie, in a selfie photo. She is a young woman with long dark hair, wearing a plaid hat and silver hoop earrings and a calm look on her face.

Doe and Deer Crochet is powered by Jackie, a popular crochet artist who’s been creating fashions and accessories for years. She operates an online store of her creations, both made-to-order and ready-made, and she sells her patterns on Etsy and Ravelry. If you’re into Boho or Cottagecore, she’s got you covered. On her Patreon, she shares exclusive content for people interested in crochet and small business tips, as well as exclusive crochet patterns. Whether you crochet as a hobby or are thinking of pursuing the craft full time, you’re bound to find her tips and tricks helpful.

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