Dr Greg Emerson

Dr Greg Emerson

Dr Greg Emerson is a doctor who has transitioned through Emergency Medicine Specialist to functional medicine specialist to quantum physician, and yoga instructor. His passion is using science to validate traditional health practices centered on reconnecting to the rhythms of nature. He uses science, traditional health and biohacking to dramatically increase his energy, prolong his healthy lifespan and stay positive in an ever challenging world. Dr Emerson has trained with the best in Emergency Medicine, Special Forces (SAS), wilderness first response, yoga, and Ayurveda. So thanks for joining him on this journey. The difference here? He doesn’t just write about helping people get better. He doesn’t just write about “biohacks” or Ayurveda or yoga. He does them all. He’s got skin in the game. He spends most of his life in the saddle, not in the armchair. And he gets results. Join the revolution!

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