DrexFactor Poi

DrexFactor Poi

DrexFactor Poi is several years ago a life was changed forever when they experienced fire dancing for the first time at Burning Man. They endeavored to learn the art and channeled their heart and soul into it. To give themselves a regular goal to shoot for, they started uploading weekly videos to their YouTube channel showcasing what they’d learned every week. These videos quickly took on a life of their own and they got unprecedented opportunities to travel, teach, and perform. They’ve grown from a hobbyist to an educator in this art that they love and have spent a huge portion of the past seven years spreading that love around the globe. The Flow Arts are a collection of movement arts that include elements of circus, dance, martial arts, sports, and meditation to create a unique and rapidly growing artform. Usually, this consists of learning how to manipulate one more more props such as Maori poi, hula hoops, staves, juggling clubs, or many more in an aesthetically pleasing way. Practicing this art frequently has meditative benefits for participants and for many the goal of this practice is to attain a state of “flow” in which movement becomes effortless and unconsciously guided. Even if flow isn’t your goal, however, spinning props is great fun and a wonderful form of exercise!

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