El Retrovisor

El Retrovisor

El Retrovisor is a program in which Grexi Albornett (clinical hypnotist, disease biodescoder, neurolingustic programming, pschootherapist, and consteladora family) and Karen Ferreira (Communication lic in degree and radio host), will have conversations with anecdotes that in turn will serve as therapy to achieve a starting point where troubles, diseases, angers, fears, etc… will offer tools for all to obtain answers to situations that even did not know they had a root, and also have exercises to get out of difficult situations such as panic attacks, depression, and anxiety. By subscribing, you will be released from all previous episodes, then Patreon will charge the appropriate tier for the current month. The recommendation to watch the programs is to start with the first one because you will have all the basic to deep information, there are concepts that are explained in the first programs that if you heard it now you might not understand their meaning. Also, it is best to leave at least 5 days between an episode and another for the unconscious to process the information. Great hug and enjoy your process!

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