Emma Sterner-Radley

Emma Sterner-Radley

Emma Sterner-Radley is a lesbian author writing and publishing LGBTQIA+ fantasy books, including YA novels. Her titles include:
SILVER BEASTS (YA sword & sorcery) – Four young people are chosen to attend the Hall of Explorers academy to train their minds, bodies, and magic, to sail and find their people a new world.

GOLDEN SEA (YA sea exploration) – Our four mapmaking magicians are back at the Hall of Explorers. As they continue their studies, their journey to find new lands is brought forward following a calamitous event.

WHISPERING WILDWOOD (YA myths & adventure) – Korinne Woodsorrow is trapped. Not only at her parents lumbermill but also in a village where she’s shunned. Worse than that, she’s stuck sacrificing the life she wants for the person she loves.

MAKING A TINDERBOX (gaslamp fantasy romance) – All the societal rules are different. The fear of unrequited love is the same. Will these two women find both love and freedom?

TINDERBOX UNDER WINTER STARS (gaslamp fantasy romance) – When being captured is a likely outcome, which cage is worse – the one in your mind or the one behind a locked door?

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