Equine Anatomy in Layers

Equine Anatomy in Layers

Equine Anatomy in Layers is Ivana Ruddock-Lange, the face behind this Patreon page. Ivana is a veterinarian, anatomist (the co-founder of The Equine Touch) and an equine bodyworker. They perform dissections, taking hundreds of photographs and then sitting in front of the computer choosing the best and labeling them. If they do a video it takes time to process, not to speak of the cost of equipment. They do this for the love of horses and to help people who are interested in horses’ health and wellbeing to be more knowledgeable, so they can make horses’ life easier and better. Their motto always was: “To help horses by educating people.” You don’t have to pay anything to see some pictures and videos – they will be still free (Along with their FB pages), though some special material will be available to their patrons only. They have set four tiers.

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