Ethical hacking And Cybersecurity Training

Ethical hacking And Cybersecurity Training is a page that will teach you the art of ethical hacking. They do have skids, so they will not use script of any sorts or a github repo, and if they do, it will just be a regular one not a “payload generator” for they will be crafting their own payload and learning how to bypass AV together on their journey. Here, they will learn togeather as one. They have 3 videos that will come out every week, so be aware when they come out. Some. They also do person classes and group classes. Group classes are a group of 5 people that they will be teaching at the same time if you want personal classes please reach out to them via Instgram. Personal classes will be starting at $20 per month. Group classes are $15 per month, and to subscribe is $10 per month.

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