Evynne Hollens

Evynne Hollens

Evynne Hollens is Evynne Hollens. They started creating music videos in 2014 with the support of their wonderful husband, Peter Hollens and the incredible talents of their good friend Nathan Alef on the keys and beyond. They are lucky to be surrounded by talented people whom they can call upon to help with arrangements, audio editing, mixing/mastering, and video production. They’re calling on you for your support because it allows them to produce more videos and release them much more frequently. They will also be able to communicate across virtually every cultural barrier and reach artists who, even without understanding the language, are able to communicate with each other. The community online has been so welcoming & supportive of their husband’s work, it seemed natural that they follow a little in their footsteps. They wanted to wait until they felt they had earned it.

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