Fabulous Fleischer Cartoons Restored

Fabulous Fleischer Cartoons Restored vintage poster featuring portraits of Fleischer Studios Staff of 1930-1931.

Fabulous Fleischer Cartoons Restored is Jane Fleischer Reid, granddaughter of famed early animator Max Fleischer. Max Fleischer was a pioneer in animation – having created the Rotoscope, “follow the bouncing ball,” and the iconic Betty Boop, to name just a few of his contributions. Although he made over 700 cartoons, many have been lost, neglected or ignored. Together with Mauricio Alvarado of RockinPins, who makes dynamite merchandise with the Fleischer cartoon characters, Jane’s reconstructing Max’s historic body of work: locating, scanning, restoring and getting the cartoons back out to the public. (Note: It is not an official site or account of Fleischer Studios, Inc. and Fabulous Fleischer Cartoons Restored LLC is not affiliated with Fleischer Studios, Inc. Use of any Fleischer Studios trademarks is pursuant to a license.)

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