Fame is a Bitch with AJ Benza

Fame is a Bitch with AJ Benza

Fame is a Bitch is a show that has been an audience success because they refuse to bend to pressure to conform, they detest political correctness in all forms, and they courageously report the stories you want to hear in their own unfiltered way. The pace of change across Hollywood, the #MeToo Movement, the political landscape has many of them asking for a daily dose of Fame is a Bitch. So they have added to the Fame is a Bitch offering by creating this Patreon page; being on Patreon will allow them to deliver additional content and other goodies so that Fame is a Bitch can be an even bigger part of their world. They have tons of ideas for new content like an unfiltered daily show that covers all the latest breaking news, too salacious for the regular show and returning to their roots and doing some more classic Hollywood scandal stories like the Lana Clarkson and Phil Spector episode or the Heath Ledger episode. They also plan on writing a book where they share new stories never told on the show as well as filling in the blanks on stories they’ve shared only a nugget or two from.

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