Felicity Green

Felicity Green

Felicity Green is the author of the Highland-Hexen-Krimis, the Connemara-Saga, the Troll-Chroniken and more. They write Urban-Fantasy and Paranormal-Mystery-novels for readers who like myths, tension and the eery feeling of being watched. They aim to bring a little magic into your life 🙂 In their first five years as an Indie author they have published 16 novels, 5 novellas and several short stories as well as some of their works being translated and published on English. As an Indie author they are responsible for everything regarding the publication of their books. But there are experts who can do it better. And it would take a lot of time; time that they would rather spend on what they are best at: inventing stories. If you enjoy the books that they write, then you and them have something in common: you want them to write and publish even more stories. That is why you can support them on Patreon. Your monthly contribution is an investment in their books and therefore in your reading enjoyment. It goes toward their production budget. In other words: it pays for services like cover designers and editors. In 2019, the Patreon support have in urn come to mean that they were unexpectedly able to write another Highland-Hexen-Krimi story: the Highland-Hexen-Krimi advent calendar. And in 2020, they were motivated to write another story by their Patreon supporters. What had originally been planned as a novella was turned into a seventh Highland-Hexen-novel: THE DEVIL IN THE GRAVE. Now Violet Grave, the protagonist, will get their own series.

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