Fluffle Puff

Fluffle Puff

Fluffle Puff is just a simple artist. They don’t do much with their life, beyond staring at the internet. They ran a few parody blogs for a while. Ask Fluffle Puff and Dan Vs FiM Fluffle Puff being the most important one. It was a simple ask blog about a fluffy pink pony character they created, and inserted into a parody world of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It wasn’t anything special. Just more random internet entertainment. There’s some animations on their Youtube, linked above, as well. But it eventually evolved into a very important thing for them. The character they created gave them a chance to express themselves in ways they never could, and even helped them with their own mental disabilities. They were able to make friends, find something they enjoyed to do, and even found genuine happiness. This goofy character they created literally changed their life. Sadly, after years of working with them, it had to come to an end. There were too many limitations and it eventually took its toll. They felt trapped. Like they could only go so far with a parody and copying an art style. They felt like they hit a wall and that was it. Not to mention the constant lingering thoughts of possibly getting a cease and desist. Or worse. Their motivation was drained until there was nothing left and they had to close the blog. But they didn’t want to let go of this character they became so immensely attached to. So they spent nearly two years changing them into something that’s more their own. There’s still so much they want to do, stories they want to tell, and emotions they want to express. That Ask Fluffle Puff blog changed their life, as well as countless people who became life long fans. So they will continue their story. This will be their “part two.” This Patron will simply be a tip jar for supporting them. They don’t want anyone to feel obligated to become a patron in any way. And they don’t want the stress of feeling like they need to constantly update. They just want to concentrate on their work and enjoy what they’re doing, at their own pace. So they’re not asking for support. They will still continue their work, no matter what.

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