Frisson Comics

Frisson Comics is a horror label based in Liverpool, Co-founded by Thomas Smith and Katie Whittle in 2016. They understand that fans of horror are usually massive fans of all things horror as you might imagine people who start a horror label to be, but it was only when the founders started creating together that they realized they were producing unique work and that there was a niche in the market for the work they create. Frisson Comics specializes in producing harm frequently unique stories that usually ask a moral question or at least explore ethics, philosophy or the world around us. Their first graphic novel was ‘Take Only Photographs, Leave Only Footprints’ (2016) a tale that explored human influence on the natural world around us and involved barnacles. Their second work together was ‘The Trade’ (2017) their take on a traditional vampire story that followed the story of someone who was trying to be a good person but put into a circumstance that disrupted their ethical code by a circumstance. Since then they’ve worked on various projects that have been successfully crowdfunded including: Foxglove Woods Call of the Copse Blue Collars As well as their stories the Frisson Comics have been producing horror zines since 2016.

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