Gertie and the Charm Artist Collective


Gertie (Gretchen ‘Gertie’ Hirsch) is a designer who infuses her passion for sewing into glamorous creations that can be customized for anyone. Gertie’s popularity soared when she created her first blog, “Gertie’s New Blog for Better Sewing” to chronicle her attempt to sew all 14 iconic patterns in the 1952 book, Vogue’s New Book for Better Sewing. In 2017, Gertie launched her own independent pattern line called Charm Patterns. She produces inspiring videos and tutorials for her YouTube channel, “Gertie’s World.” In 2020, she launched her Patreon subscription service, which includes monthly downloadable patterns and accompanying video tutorials, virtual sewing circles, live streams, and more. It has amassed a group of sewing enthusiasts from around the world. Inspired by 1950’s global art movements, the Charm Artist Collective will introduce a series of guest artists throughout the year on Gertie’s Patreon.

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