Gillian St. Kevern

Gillian St. Kevern is a queer individual who is writing LGBTQ fiction. They write across a variety of genres, including gothic romance, mythological fantasy and paranormal romance. No matter what the genre, readers can expect plot twists, atmospheric settings, and diverse characters. All of their stories feature LGBTQ characters in a prominent position, and they endeavour to write characters from diverse backgrounds. Their fiction inspires and empowers readers. Since returning to New Zealand in August 2016, they have been supporting themselves entirely through writing. They’re able to supplement their fiction writing with freelance work, but they’re still a long way off from earning a liveable income from fiction alone. They’re working hard to change that, but they need readers’ support. Like many authors, they’re in the process of finding their audience. One of the best ways to put their stories in front of readers is to be exclusive with Amazon by joining the KU programme. They’re against any one company having a monopoly on a market, and they strongly disapprove of many of the moves Amazon has made. On the other hand, Amazon has what no other online bookstore has: an algorithm that actively puts books in front of readers who will find them interesting. Any other book site, a reader has to search for an author or a book by title, but Amazon finds new readers for books. They would like to be in the position of supporting themselves independently from Amazon, but ironically, at this stage in their career, they need Amazon’s help to build a big enough audience that they can go wide. They’ve created this Patreon as an alternative for readers who want to support them/read their work, but don’t want to use Amazon.

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