Gretchen Meinzen

Gretchen Meinzen

Gretchen Meinzen—aka Tang—is an artist, illustrator, writer who balances concepts of the fantastical world with personal concepts of individual identity, queerness, otherness, and vulnerability with figurative realism in their paintings to bridge the worlds of small intimate painting with mythic fantasy work. Since beginning a professional career in 2016, Gretchen’s list of clients includes: The Uncaged Anthology, The Combat Wheelchair version 3.o, Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo. Gretchen is also a DM for a DnD 5e game for a group of teens at their local library where they make NPCs for the group to run into. They share WIP sketches of the NPC of the month, the final art, and at the end of the year, a fully laid out PDF of all of the NPC’s on their Patreon. These NPC’s are designed to be easily usable in any DnD 5e setting.

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