Helene Fleming, Energy Works

Helene Fleming, Energy Works

Helene Fleming, Energy Works is passionate about energy work because we live in this great magic energy soup. They have been working with energy for many years and they established their practice in 2008. They have been practising and teaching locally since then, and they feel the time has come to expand their community in an outpour of love, light and self empowerment. They find this work can make us more aware and definitely empowers us to lead a life of co creation with the divine. You will find many topics dear on to their heart on these pages to invite you to embrace your life in a fuller way, reclaiming your power as well as gaining new skills. The videos and articles will cover varied subjects: Tarot and oracles, Energy work in a wider context (relating to the wider world, maintaining our energy flow…), Crystal work, Reiki chats and developing reiki skills, and Meditation. Some of the content will be there to bolster your own skills, other skills will be totally new, and some content will be focused on practice.

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