I said what I meant and I meant what I said.

I Said What I Meant, I Meant What I Said

Sandy Broadus is entitled and deserves to thrive. They owe no explanations and give no apologies for being proudly Black. For Black women to be pro-Black and pro-us in a world that is anti-Black allows us to love ourselves fully, as only we know how. Our self-love is an act of rebellion and an exercise of freedom. We are entitled to the full range of human emotions. To laugh loudly and often. To feel rage, sorrow, and indignation. To express pain and hurt and speak of trauma without shame, and have it be heard, acknowledged and honored. We need not stifle our pain or gag ourselves to spare others the discomfort of merely hearing the experiences we live. We need not compromise, capitulate or backtrack for being exactly who we are, wherever we are. We are allowed to love, honor and meet ourselves wherever we are, including at places of imperfection. We deserve to move through this entire world with big assured steps, and to live out loud and breath free, in the fullness of joy. And to hold sacred the gift of our memories. Our ancestors did not lead us here to this moment to just survive. We are entitled and deserve to thrive. KRSH Rundata: Krsplacetolive.com

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