I Want My Podcast

I Want My Podcast

I Want My Podcast is a 90 Day Fiance recap show hosted by Jenna and Miguel, two passionate fans who identify the hilarity and absurdity of 90 Day Fiance cast members and their journeys. Like all the cast members, they are from two different backgrounds: Jenna grew up in New England and Miguel grew up in Mexico City until he was 12. Since they found each other online, are from different cultures, and have been through some hilarious relationship ups and downs, they find themselves relating to the cast members and they offer their unique point of view about everything the cast members experience, sometimes siding with the cast, but often headbutting against each other. Join them as they pretend travel all over the world on the exclusive 90DF Express from 90Day Airlines (TM), vroom vroom, covering their favorite show via their own brand of chatter coined- “Trash Journalism.”

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