Ian Danskin

Ian Danskin

Ian Danskin is a freelance writer, “media artist,” and video essayist. You might know him best from YouTube videos such as “This Is Phil Fish: A Case Study in Internet Fame,” “Things of Beauty: Super Smash Bros. as Spectator Sport,” and “Why Are You So Angry?”, a series about angry gamers and harassment. These were all posted on his channel, Innuendo Studios. After wrapping a successful Kickstarter in 2014, he got to treat Innuido Studios as a job, clearing some freelance work off his plate and releasing videos at a semi-regular clip. But Kickstarter money doesn’t last forever, so Patreon is his shot at keeping the channel going indefinitely. If you’re here, he’s assuming you know the basics of how Patreon works. (Just in case: think of Patreon as a subscription to his work. You pledge to throw a few dollars at him each time he releases a video. If enough people make that pledge, he can afford to keep making them on the regular.) What he will tell you is that making these videos is the best job he’s ever had. No matter what, he’s going to keep releasing videos as long as he feels he has things to say and there are people interested in hearing them. Just how often that is will be up to you.

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