INKIMONO Stasia Matsumoto

INKIMONO Stasia Matsumoto

INKIMONO Stasia Matsumoto is a professional licenced kimono stylist and a photographer. They run INKIMONO – a small kimono experience and kimono photoshoot business in Tokyo. In September 2019 they opened their own little studio in Asakusa, Tokyo. They received their Kimono Stylist / Consultant licence in 2019, but they’re still continuing kimono education at Aoyama Kimono Gakuin. They will graduate in 2022 with qualifications. At this level they are perfecting their skills as a kimono stylist, practicing elaborate ties for furisode, bridal kitsuke, tricks of the trade, wasai (kimono sewing), learning about fabrics, styles, history in even more detail. Whenever they have time they research about kimono history, fabrics, pattern meanings, styles in different eras.

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