J. Leigh with Mac Rea Authors of Way Walkers

J. Leigh with Mac Rea Authors of Way Walkers is J. Leigh, author and creator of Way Walkers: a high fantasy world of powerful Talents, mischievous spirits and sentient Artifacts, as well as secret societies, backstabbing lies, and dangerous mysteries. The people of this world comprise a variety of races, from the ageless Clan to the draconic Tazu, the plant-like Niju-Iki to the flirtatious and mysterious Lushun. Each race is partial to a particular Way, or spiritual path, but many choose to follow that which best suits their interests and personalities, as well as their personal Talents. Though the Twelve Ways act as spiritual guides to characters’ actions, the series explores the idea that faith must always bend to the individual will For freewill shall choose between the paths fate has laid.

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