Jam comics creator

Jam is a Canadian science communicator and artist currently making solarpunk comics – both fiction and fact. They make cute comics about technology that explore what our future could be and that help us stay well in the present so we can get there. They’re best known for their webcomic Wasted Talent, an autobiographical comedy about their life as a Mechanical Engineer which ran from 2004 to 2016. It was collected in five books. Since completing the series, they’ve released a number of zines and short stories, contributed to anthologies and magazines. They now work primarily with digital tools, but also create using Copic markers and watercolors. Their work has been featured in numerous anthologies, as well as in Make Magazine, Reader’s Digest and the Toronto Star. They’re also a co-host of The Trade Waiters podcast, which features discussions of graphic novels, manga, trade paperbacks, comic strip collections, and anything else that’s out in trade

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