JayJay Conrad

JayJay Conrad

JayJay Conrad is writing. Writing is their everything. They bleed ink, they breath words, and this ink-stained, hatchet-hacked heart becomes turgid–swells and swoops and swoons–at merely the thought of putting pen to paper since before they can remember. Put simply, not being a writer is not an option. They consider themselves extremely lucky to have found their passion so early in life. They’re on Patreon because they’d love deeper connections with readers, ones in which they can support each other through reciprocity; an organized platform like Patreon seems like an ideal place to organize themselves, their readers, foster and expand reciprocity–and give their readers some super awesome sneak peaks as well as give them a say in what they want to see (or not see) in their work as a wordsmith. A collections of poetry, short stories, essays and a novella would be worth their while as well, as would being able to offer their tutoring students a more comprehensive, one-on-one education.

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