Jennifer Kretchmer

Cover photo of table top role play game dice and a wheelchair user icon holding a sword superimposed over the image.

Jennifer Kretchmer is a producer, writer, actor, streamer & disability advocate. She’s the executive producer and co-creator of the hit tabletop series Monsters and Fables, which airs on the official Dungeons & Dragons channel, and she has appeared as a guest on numerous shows for Geek and Sundry, Machinima, and Saving Throw, among others, and is a core cast member on one of the most popular livestreaming tabletop shows, D&D Beyond’s Heroes of the Vale. She is regularly a panelist at several different Comic-Cons and tabletop conventions and is heavily involved with the online tabletop community, with an emphasis on game master/DM theory. Jen also co-designed the puzzles and multiplatform elements for award-winning immersive theater company The Speakeasy Society’s three-year, multi-chapter adaptation of the L. Frank Baum Oz series, The Kansas Collection. A passionate advocate for disabled inclusion and access, Jen, who has Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, works on inclusive strategies for disabled gamers and characters in Dungeons and Dragons, as well as consulting with Jill Soloway’s 50/50 by 2020 initiative to improved disabled representation in front of and behind the camera. She maintains the Accessibility in Tabletop Resource document and the Disabled Professionals in Tabletop Directory.

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