Josefin Nordmark

Josefin Nordmark

Josefin Nordmark is raising funds for Josefin Nordmark: creative freelancer. This includes self-published books, paintings, drawing and film production. They have lived with a stress disorder since birth and one day their body gave out completely. Totally. Nothing worked. Instead of wasting their energy on struggling with authorities, they built a new career for themselves that allows them to be in relatively quiet surroundings. The most they can cope with and be in a place where they almost never feel sick. On Instagram they share their creative life and all their days with both joys and difficulties. Because those living in a similar situation should be allowed to feel like they’re not alone. For those who know nothing about the disorder a chance to learn about it first. Maybe the creative process can give them mod to take a step towards that which they desire. Mod to take a risk. As they once got when they took part in the lives and work of other creatives. There was no other option for them. The only life they could live was a creative life. The only life they could live was a creative life. To give every longing their hand and see where it takes them. Like when a paper kite releases their hand and runs as fast as they can. Sometimes extremely fast. Sometimes very slowly But always on their own path.

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