K. Lynn Smith

K Lynn Smith

K. Lynn Smith is an award winning artist and writer. She is the writer and artist of the western comic PLUME, published by Devil’s Due Comics, and the series FOR GOODNESS’ SAKE. She’s also been involved with projects such as Boom!’s GARFIELD: HIS 9 LIVES, Space Between Entertainment’s AFTERGLOW, Source Point Press’ HOPE, and Scout Comic’s LOOT. If you become a patron of hers on Patreon, you might get in on a chance to have her draw a portrait of you or your pet, an understandably popular reward.

From K. Lynn Smith’s Patreon intro:
I’m K. Lynn Smith and I write and draw comics! I’m the creator of the western webcomic, Plume, and For Goodness’ Sake. With your help, I can keep on creating!

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