Karlyn Bradley

Karlyn Bradley

Karlyn Bradley is a Black, Fat, Queer, Femme who has degrees in Political Science and Gender and Women’s Studies and uses He/Him and They/Them pronouns. Karlyn is a scholar, theorist, community organizer, artist and educator. They’ve been able to use and expand their knowledge of Intersectional Feminist Theory to create programming that educates and empowers folks around topics of Race, Gender, Sexual Orientation and Power Dynamics. They create two Podcasts. Inner Hoe Uprising, co-hosted with their cousin, is a smart & funny weekly audio series about sex, love, and dating from four queer Black feminists from NYC. Beneath The Surface is dedicated to delving deeply into how the personal is political by exploring topics such as race, gender, class and sexual orientation. They also host the Embodied Astrology Community with Renee Sills.

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