kiannastrology+ is Kianna Whitney-Vickers, a Professional Astrologer and Birth Worker based in the NE Florida area. They have been practicing traditional astrology for 5 years, and they use a mix of styles ranging from Hellenistic to Psychological. They are a mom to an amazing 2 year old who’s birth catapulted them into practicing astrology full time. They use the cosmos to better understand and radically accept ourselves, our children and our loved ones for who they are is at the heart of their practice. Outside of their Astrology Practice, they are a Birth Doula and Childbirth Educator. The experience of watching human beings exit the womb into the world is a spiritual and cosmic experience that gives them a very unique perspective when it comes to how they view Astrology and our place in the Universe. Their mission is to help unlock this time capsule and better understand and embrace our place here on Earth.

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