Kristina Stykos

Kristina Stykos

Kristina Stykos is a full-time recording engineer & as a landscaper. This pays their bills, just barely. They’re here on Patreon to help fund their personal music projects and other creative work including photography, poetry, video and podcasts. They’re trying to find new ways to free up more of their time so that they can finish albums, books, web portfolios and other media enterprises. They have fans all over the world who they’ve been able to connect with, thanks to social media and music networks outside the US. They come late to the party, having taken time off to raise three children as a single mom. Ironically, when they were finally ready to re-enter their career, they found that their voice had been compromised by years of struggle and strife. The loss of their singing ability made them rethink their approach to self expression and led them to get training in recording engineering so that they could work in private to reclaim of their voice – whatever that might mean – literally and as a writer. It has been a hardship to be so challenged by the loss of a gift. They have cried many tears in the face of being cut off from a very visceral and powerful form of communication, because blasting love & understanding is what they’re all about. They’ve had to work hard to find new ways to express themselves, using a multitude of instruments and mediums. The good news is that they’re making great strides, despite this handicap.

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