Kyle Carrero Lopez

Kyle Carrero Lopez

Kyle Carrero Lopez is maintaining this space specifically to cover subway spending each month. Majority black and brown neighborhoods of New York are disproportionately targeted by the NYPD in the subway system, and thus, cops are constantly posted up by his closest stops. He’s been charged for hopping the turnstile before and he’s really trying not to have to do that. He’ll be posting a mix of things here. First, he’ll post his analyses of poems by other poets that catch his eye; his hope is that this will engage both avid readers of poetry as well as people who support his work but don’t otherwise read much poetry. He’ll also post nonfic/essay-adjacent writing from time to time, mainly his thoughts re: literature and fine art, music, TV, and cultural conversation at large. Since this is a more private forum and he’s (kind of) private, he’ll likely say things he might bite his tongue on elsewhere. Lastly, drafts of poems he’s working on.

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