Lance Red

Lance Red

Lance Red is a freelance fantasy illustrator. Up until this point in his artistic journey, he has mainly worked in the table top gaming market for games like Pathfinder, Legends of Draxia and other RPGs. Recently, he has become more serious about exhibiting & selling his art at conventions and taking on larger scale oil private commissions. As an artist all of his work is traditionally drawn and then is either painted digitally in Procreate & PS or traditionally in oil. Lance Red is aiming to keep things simple as they start this off and then grow the content offered as they are able. He’ll be creating one main illustration each month and sharing the entire process from initial thumbnails & thoughts, to sketches, to tight drawing, to final painting with his patrons. Also, he’ll be sharing a behind-the-scenes look into life as a working artist each month as he seeks to explore and grow his artistic voice.

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