Language Transfer

The logo for Language Transfer, a line drawing depicting two childlike heads in profile, the backs of their heads overlapping and a symbol for a mechanical gear inside each head with the words Language Transfer beneath.

Language Transfer is a project which offers free downloadable language courses using a methodology that explores the pluralism in our languages and teaches practical speaking in record time. Apart from the free downloadable courses, they also give fascinating language workshops all around the world. There may even be one happening near you. There are several languages offered, including French, Swahili, Italian Greek, German, Turkish, Arabic, Spanish and English for Spanish speakers. All donations to Language Transfer come with votes. Users can have fun voting for any living language to be rebuilt into an exhilarating freely-shared learning experience. Both occasional donators and supporters of the Patreon campaign get one vote for a new language course per dollar donated. Supporters can also get a free vote on Facebook.

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