Lava Development

Lava Development

Lava Development is a team of individuals dedicated towards the creation of collaborative World War II resources. Among the World War II resources that Lava Development is creating is the World War II Database, which is among the web’s leading destinations for World War II history. At least the United States Library of Congress agrees with them, as since 2010 the WW2DB has been one of the only ~12,000 websites that the LOC preserves for reference by future generations. Do you agree as well? If so, please support the WW2DB project. Even if it is just a dollar a month, you will be helping with the preservation of the memory of the greatest conflict in human history. The WW2DB digital archive is open to all visitors without fee, and your contributions will go a long way. They will certainly cover mundane items such as web hosting fees and the purchase of books. Further, they will also help with things with higher price tags, such as cloud computing and costs associated with research trips to the Smithsonian and the National Archives.

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