Lena Danya

Lena Danya

Lena Danya is an oil painter currently based out of Florida. They’ve been sharing the process of their art coming to life on YouTube in the form of time lapsed videos along with tips, tutorials, and artist vlogs. Some of their videos also contain music that they have produced. A few years ago, they decided to incorporate more educational videos onto their channel and upgrade their equipment to produce more free painting tutorials, guides, and art talks on their youtube channel. Having a Patreon page will not stop them from posting free content on youtube. In fact, that is what helps insure that they’re able to upload more often and put maximum time and energy into posting more frequent and improved videos for everyone. They’ve been oil painting for over 11 years, it’s their most favorite kind of medium and they’re always looking for ways to improve their art, discover new methods, techniques, and compositions. Though this is the primary focus of their content, they do occasionally work with watercolors and pencils. With any new medium they try, you will see it here first. Inspiring others to create, is their biggest goal.

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