Let’s Get Back To Queer

Let's Get Back To Queer podcast hosts Brandon Nick, Shannon Joy and Glenn Quentin, two young black men and a young black woman - all smiling and wearing t-shirts bearing the name of the podcast.

Let’s Get Back To Queer podcast is a hand-crafted assortment of audio stories that exist to celebrate community and to archive the cultures and legacies of Black queer and trans communities. Using a documentary-style approach, they blend interviews, narration, and sound design with curated topics to produce quality episodes that explore the magical, mundane, and messy experiences of Black LGBTQ people. They dig into the conversations we aren’t having, and reimagine the ones we are. Created by Brandon Nick, Shannon Joy, Glenn Quentin, and Ny’Omi Stewart, the mission of Let’s Get Back To Queer is to create a unique, community centered audio-series that centers and amplifies diverse voices in Black LGBTQ communities that inspire critical conversations around our individual and collective existence.

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