Lisa Ann Watkins (Animal Art by LAW)

Lisa Ann Watkins (Animal Art by LAW)

Lisa Ann Watkins (Animal Art by LAW) is Lisa Ann Watkins. They are the artist behind Animal Art by LAW. Over the last few years, they have worked hard to master their skills in colored pencil & their work has both been published many times around the globe as well as winning many awards. They teach their techniques at workshops around the UK as well as overseas & share all of their knowledge here with you on their Patreon channel. Their main focus is on creating animal art. Until the end of 2018, they were running a very well established pet portrait & wildlife art business. Due to the demand for more workshops, and the growth of their channel on here, they have now stepped away from the commission side of the business to focus full time on their teaching. They answer all of your questions about how to start up & develop your own portrait commission business. They will also show you how to use social media as a platform to get your work out there & how to create a real, viable career from your art. It could be a specific aspect or your art or something that you need guidance on in your art career.

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