Lizard People

The Lizard People podcast

Lizard People is a goofy podcast about the fascinating subject of conspiracy theories. Each week host Katelyn Hempstead and producer Alexis Preston invite a guest to try to convince Katelyn that their favorite theory is true. And every week it gets silly as heck. If you like comedy, conspiracy, and the occasional song and dance break, this is the podcast for you.

 We're gonna take a break! While we're gone, why not listen to Alexis' podcast Comfort Creatures and Katelyn's new podcast VS! Here's the first episode, find more at the link below! HAGS!
  1. Summer Break! Featuring VS
  2. New Zealand Isn't Real with Betsy Sodaro
  3. The Got Milk Plot with Carl Tart
  4. Shrimps are Shrimpy with Vic Michaelis
  5. Aliens Did Stonehenge with Devin Field
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