Lizard People

The Lizard People podcast

Lizard People is a goofy podcast about the fascinating subject of conspiracy theories. Each week host Katelyn Hempstead and producer Alexis Preston invite a guest to try to convince Katelyn that their favorite theory is true. And every week it gets silly as heck. If you like comedy, conspiracy, and the occasional song and dance break, this is the podcast for you.

The Return To Work Plot with Todd McClintock Lizard People: Comedy and Conspiracy Theories

We all agree this return to work stuff is BS, right? It seems like bosses are dragging people back to work for no reason, and our good friend Todd McClintock has a theory about what they're really getting out of forcing us to put on real pants and come into the office. Todd suspects it's a big ol plot to keep property values in cities high, and morale low. We recorded this episode in person and got real silly, so listen in if you're a fan of business talk, genitalia jokes, best friends, and some meditations about the nature of labor. Fun!!
  1. The Return To Work Plot with Todd McClintock
  2. The Baywatch Theory with Charlie Mihelich and Zach Olsen
  3. Gaylor with Jess Svendsgaard
  4. Bob Marley was Assassinated with Erin Byrne
  5. Octopuses are Aliens with Erin Smith

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