Lou Yardley

Lou Yardley is an author. And a weirdo. They’re sorta part Deadite and part Hobbit. Sometimes they feel like they’re four goblins in a trench-coat masquerading as a human. Up until recently, they’ve lurked mainly in the horror realms, but now they’re taking their first gore-coated steps into the world of dark fantasy. Rather than just write one fantasy book, they’re creating a whole world… and a dragon’s horde’s worth of books. “Banished” was released in 2020 and was their first adventure in the monstrous world of Venari. Summer 2021 will see it joined by “Creep” (a novella) and “Everfrost” (a werewolf flavoured novel). After that, they’ve got a whole series planned and plenty of spin-offs. By joining them on Patreon, you’ll be the first to hear of any news, you’ll get first look at the stories (depending on the tier you’ve chosen), and you’ll be taking them one step closer to their dream… to be able to write about Venari full time. There are also opportunities for you to get exclusive merch… merch is always fun.

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