Lucy Bellwood

Lucy Bellwood

Lucy Bellwood is a professional adventure cartoonist. She’s the creator of 100 Demon Dialogues, a deeply relatable book about living with her inner critic. If you’ve ever felt like a fake or a failure, it will absolutely make you feel less alone. She recently signed a deal to draw a trilogy of graphic novels. An eclectic creative, she launched a friendly confessional voicemail box called The Right Number. She also shares what she calls Rambles, freeform audio recordings aimed to serve as a snapshot of what she’s thinking about—and she thinks about a lot of fascinating things! She’s like that friend everyone should have.

From Lucy Bellwood’s Patreon intro

This community supports my work across a wide range of disciplines, from comics and podcasts to essays and illustration. Since I joined Patreon in 2014 I’ve been able to pursue many amazing opportunities and design my own career, all thanks to readers like you.

I’m the creator of two graphic novels: Baggywrinkles: a Lubber’s Guide to Life at Sea, an account of my time working on 18th-century replica sailing vessels, and 100 Demon Dialogues, a book about learning to sympathize with your Inner Critic. I’ve self-published several minicomics about expeditions to the Grand CanyonIceland, and the Pacific Ocean. I paint tiny watercolor skylines and enormous ships. I contribute short comics and visual essays to The Nib. (I also do a lot of public speaking and teaching, most of which I share for free online. You can browse all that good stuff here.)

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