Mark Witton

Mark Witton

Mark Witton is a palaeontological author, artist and researcher. He’s best known for his research on pterosaurs and, more recently, his contributions to palaeoart – the evidence-led restoration of extinct organisms in drawings, paintings, sculpture and film. His creature designs and input have been used by the BBC, National Geographic, Royal Mail and the Royal Mint. His has been displayed around the world in venues such as the Natural History Museum, American Museum of Natural History, Yale Peabody Museum and London’s South Bank. In 2018, he published the first synthesis of palaeoart methodology, The Palaeoartist’s Handbook (Crowood Press), to outline how much research and information is required to make credible restorations of fossil organisms in our modern scientific climate. He’s also the author of  Pterosaurs: Natural History, Evolution, Anatomy (2013), Recreating an Age of Reptiles (2017), Life through the Ages II: Twenty-First Century Visions of Prehistory (2020) and The Art and Science of the Crystal Palace Dinosaurs (2022). 

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