Meridith C. Grundei

Meridith C. Grundei is a multidisciplinary and devised piece using original music, movement and mask work. The Father Project follows the story of a girl and her family living in a timeless, suburban neighborhood where they are followed by a chorus who move in and out of moments, time and in concert with each other. The Father Project is inspired by the untimely and mysterious death of Meridith’s father who passed away in 2011. His father received 3 brain contusions from an unknown cause and was in a coma for a month before passing away. When his mother first found him, he was in fetal position lying in bed and had been presumably alone in the house all day. While he was in the coma, Meridith’s mother and he discovered that his father had been leading a double life. Meridith is interested in exploring how this story can be told in a compelling and dynamic way that reflects back the ludicrous need to maintain an image or belief system in a world that desperately needs honesty and transparency and where empathy is becoming polarizing and no longer a tool for opening ones heart to the plight of another.

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