MiKandi Japan

MiKandi Japan

MiKandi Japan is a game production and publishing company in Akihabara, Tokyo. Most of you probably know them from their very successful Kickstarter for Libra of the Vampire Princess. If you’re here for more Libra or are just curious about what they’ve been up to, please read on. Since Libra of the Vampire Princess’s release they’ve kept their ears open to feedback and suggestions. It became clear that some were disappointed with the end result of the first translation and edit. They did their best at the time, and they are forever grateful to everyone who put the hard work in to make this game become a reality, but now they’ve decided to revisit the entire game with the mission of producing something way better. Currently, they are making these edits as their schedule permits with the help of JP <=> EN translator and editor, Tormaid. Previously assisting them on the script were volunteers Emiri Howell, NDarkstar, Joe P / Iarumas, and Hexxellor! And of course, they received some great help from professional company, Love Lab!

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