Mike Inel

Mike Inel

Mike Inel is delivering animations, fan arts, and games for years now. And they want to continue doing so until they hit the bucket. But reality says they’ll hit the bucket early if they don’t have the money to live. That’s where you and Patreon comes in. With just a dollar a month, you’ll be able to support this guy in their adventures through creating works of art. You’ll have access to the many PSDs and other behind-the-scene files that they upload here, exclusive to their Patrons. Sounds fancy and all, but what’s the catch? Not all the time they have an exciting project to work on. They usually just make an artwork at least once a month. Other sites where you can find them: Youtube (Animations) DeviantArt (Art Gallery) Twitter (Random junk) Gamejolt (Games) Public Beta, Patreon Beta A video project featuring a crowd of cosplayers. It will take several months/years to complete. Sounds fun! But vague. Now let’s go into details so you’ll know whether your dollar will be well-invested: PROJECTS: Since 2020, they’re no longer able to focus on huge projects anymore. But this doesn’t mean they will no longer make any projects anymore. They will keep on making artworks or videos. PSD files from these will be distributed here. FILE DISTRIBUTION: Files such as PSD or AEP are often distributed through Patreon post attachments. But on few occasions, files are distributed through other uploading sites, such as Mega, Dropbox, or Google Drive. Some files may be distributed in a compressed file, typically ZIP. This is to lessen the file size. CREDITS: Since 2020, crediting of Patrons has been stopped for three reasons: Huge projects are no longer their focus anymore. Patreon crediting is only applicable to huge projects. They find finding your name from thousands of names doesn’t really sound so exciting. Listing thousands of names is hard work, even with the aid of computer programming. MONEY USAGE: The money given by their Patreon Patrons are often used for living expenses, such as rent, food, medical bills, etc. For them and their family. There are other times they use the money for hiring and/or collaborating with people. This includes artists, voice actors/actress, musicians, editors, etc. And a few times the money is used for buying hardware, assets, and libraries. Past transactions include Kinect v2, Oculus DK2, Unity plugins, various sound effects libraries, CACANi subscription, Unity Pro Subscription, etc.

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