Movies Silently

Still photo from a black and white silent film, a young women wearing a glamorous beaded headband, looking wistfully to her left.

Movies Silently is Fritzi Kramer, who creates reviews and articles on silent movies that are fun, accessible and enthusiastic. Her main focus is American films from the silent feature period: 1915-1929. She also covers some foreign silent, remakes, and homages to silent films, as well as later period silent films. She posts mini biographies of silent stars, articles on silent movie topics and reviews of books on silent movie subjects. The Movies Silently Twitter is a delightful parade of silent film animated gifs that never fail to create a momentary enchantment. Patreon supporters get early access to the review schedule, private polls and chances to choose what she’ll review next. If you love film or have a special fondness for silent film, Movies Silently will not disappoint.

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