Mr. S’s Orff Music Room

Mr. S's Orff Music Room

Mr. S’s Orff Music Room is a dedicated space for singing, dancing, and playing with friends. A few years ago, some colleagues shared how valuable their insight was and they have been honored to share these ideas through video, lessons plans, in-person training, Instagram, Facebook, and more. Now, they create monthly lessons based on their experience in Orff Schulwerk and Responsive Classroom and share these with educators across the world. As teachers, they know their time and money is limited. They are constantly on the run and every extra moment and dollar goes towards their students and their own learning. But they hope they can make that just a little bit easier for their fellow teachers. With their support, they can take this a step further and provided detailed written plans of the videos their fellow teachers see, additional insight in their creative process, and opportunities for deeper learning through webinars, Zoom discussions, book studies, and more.

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