is an citizen and apolitical tool that aims to strengthen the democratic debate in connection with the municipal elections. The theme by theme, it allows you to compare the proposals of candidates, discuss and vote for the best. It is meant for citizens who wish to inform themselves about the election and discuss it, for media to have a synthesis, for the teams of candidates to access exclusive measures of opinion and to have an access to opinions of citizens on the proposals. Over time, the teams of the candidate will add their proposals to the base. All are then available via a powerful search engine. For any subject, citizens can read the proposals of different candidates and compare them to vote for those with which they are in agreement. A live space is also made available to citizens. It gives the possibility of an interaction in real time with the Twitch platform. Originally dedicated to video games, Twitch allows for interaction with a set of contents being broadcast in real time. On Twitch and on the site, the proposals of candidates scroll and citizens debate in a chat. They can vote in real time for or against the proposal. The live space allows for a much vivous participation of citizens to the democracy, reinvents the modalities of the debate by drawing on new technologies and social networks. The platform is built by a young team of citizens, including the founders of (, search engine on the contributions of the Grand Debate, the award of the hackathon of the National Assembly (March 2019). is completely free and the data collected will be made available free of charge in an open-data logic. The tool was launched first in Paris but other cities will be added soon.

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